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Romantic Picture Ideas

Capturing Your Love

Whether a couple is looking for romantic ideas for an engagement session, an anniversary picture, or just to have a special way to showcase their love through pictures, there are numerous ways to capture the intimacy two people share. These pictures clearly show the love and romance of a relationship in a variety of settings and styles.

A pose of a couple embracing, as illustrated in this image, depicts a sweet closeness. The way the couple is posed with their faces slightly downward, with eyes only for each other, also gives a glimpse of their tender feelings towards one another.

Stealing a Kiss

A glimpse of a couple completely preoccupied with each other, sweetly kissing, gives a photo an intimate quality.

A unique way to achieve a kissing pose like the one shown here is to have the couple turned toward each other but also slightly toward the camera, so it is not just a profile image. Choose a backdrop that is indicative of a private moment, such as the high wall behind this couple, to create the feeling of stealing away for a moment of togetherness.

Romantic Future

A classic romantic image is a pose of a woman with her arms around a man and the man reaching gently behind him to hold onto her. The result is an image that illustrates trust and love.

To depict the idea of facing a wonderful future together a couple can choose a pose like this one, looking off into the distance with content smiles. The picture should be taken with the couple slightly off center so it it shows them looking off into the distance.

Playful Romance

This couple looks to be whispering, sharing secrets in bed. While their faces are blurred and distant, their feet offer an intimate and very unique angle on their relationship.

To create an image like this, a wider aperture should be used to create a shallow depth of field. This will keep the focus on the feet sharper and the background (the couples's faces) less distinct.

Tender and Sweet Pose

This couple is tentative and tender. He cradles her and their pose suggests trust, love and peacefulness.

The simple colors in this image allow the focus to be on the romance conveyed between the couple. Choose similar clothing colors and a simple, intimate background to mimic a shot like this.

Romantic Profile Pose

A dramatic natural background combined with a full-length profile of a couple turned toward each other creates a beautiful image. The vastness of the mountain range in the background could be considered symbolic of a couple's never-ending love, and the sweet pose in a seemingly isolated area gives the impression that all they need is one another.

Use the rule of thirds (dividing the screen into imaginary thirds both vertically and horizontally), and shoot the image with the couple at a point where the imaginary axes meet. This will provide a focus on the couple while retaining a nice background of the mountain landscape.

Holding Hands

Holding hands is a traditional symbol of love and romance, but a couple can achieve a creative take on this by having a photo taken from above, lying down as if relaxing on a date.

A simple way to shoot an image like this is for the photographer to use a sturdy portable stepladder with wide steps for stability. Stand at one of the upper steps to get an appropriate shooting angle, then use a narrow aperture and fast shutter speed to create a sharp focus for the entire image.

Romantic Dinner Portait

A picture of a romantic dinner is another creative way to pose. The pretty tablecloth and flowers add colorful touches to the relaxed image of a couple looking lovingly at each other. This could also be highly sentimental if the photo was taken at a place where the couple met or where he proposed.

For a nice ambience with an indoor portrait like this, use overhead lighting and an external flash. Avoid unflattering shadows by bouncing the flash (adjusting it so it points at a white or light colored ceiling or wall rather than directly at the subject). If your camera has a built in bounce card use that behind the flash, or simply attach a piece of white cardstock behind the flash with a rubber band.

Hands in Pockets

A playful and creative picture idea for couples is to have a photo taken from the back with hands in each other's pockets. This cute and romantic shot illustrates their shared love and attraction in a unique way.

In a low natural light situation such as with this portrait, consider using a mid-level ISO setting with a slower shutter speed to create an acceptable exposure without introducing excessive noise. A tripod can be helpful in low light shots like this as well.

Wrapped Up in Love

A picture taken at the beach always lends a hint of romance, but you can add to that romantic feeling by using a playful prop like a picnic blanket wrapped around the couple. The result is a depiction of the pair wrapped up in one another's love.

Consider taking beach portraits on an overcast day, as shown here. The lack of bright direct sun means fewer shadows on the couple's faces and allows for a more pleasing image.

Devoted Love

A picture of a man carrying the love of his life evokes a sense of devotion and trust between the couple. A pose such as this one could work well for an engagement photo, representing the impending marriage, or an anniversary photo, representing the continued devotion a couple has had for one another over the years.

To keep the sense of unity and cohesion seen in this photo, the pair should dress in similar styles and light colors, and be photographed in a room with light-colored walls and plenty of natural light.

Romance and Laughter

Don't underestimate the power of laughter in a romantic photo. A pose of a couple sharing a joyful, happy moment while riding a bike together, going on a walk, or sitting together on a park bench all make wonderfully whimsical and heart-warming photos.

For a shot with movement such as this one, increase the ISO speed to capture the image with a sharp focus. Using a continuous shooting setting can also be helpful to capture multiple shots.

Close Up on Passion

The provocative nature of this image suggests the couple's passion without revealing too much. The close angle highlights their features in this romance-filled shot. Use soft lighting in a close up image like this for the most flattering portrait.

Romantic pictures can help you capture these special and intimate moments in your relationship. If you're looking to spice things up, consider having boudoir photos taken to surprise your partner with.

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Romantic Picture Ideas