Printing Panoramic Photographs

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Panoramic images offer a wide view of an area, also known as wide-angle or wide format photography. While it can be tricky, you can definitely print a panoramic image at home if you have the right equipment and paper. However, never fear, if printing at home isn't an option, there are several great online printers that offer panoramic printing at a steal.

You've Got This: Printing at Home

If you are a diehard, do-it-yourselfer or you just don't have time to wait for your print to come in the mail, there are ways you can print your panoramic image at home with moderate success. All it takes is the right paper, settings, and possibly an image editing software.

Consider the Size

If you are looking to print a large format print of the panoramic of your vacation for your living room wall, then short of having a large format printer, chances are you will need a professional. However, if you are looking for something about 8.2 inches tall (21 centimeters) or smaller, you can most likely do this on your home printer. The width of the image is based on the size of your image and the size of your paper. If you are printing this off your cellphone 4x12 might be plenty big enough. However, for larger images, you can consider purchasing a paper roll.

Consider Your Printer

Not all papers will work with all printers, so once you have decided on a size, you will need to find the paper that works for your machine. Additionally, you'll need to find out if your desktop ink-jet printer has a maximum length requirement. For example, a canon printer can print a maximum length of 23 inches.

printing at home
Printing small panoramas at home

Settings Are Important

You will need to calibrate your printer to prepare it to print a panoramic image. First of all, you'll need to set your paper to high quality and your print settings to photo. To get the best results, you'll want to select the highest quality print options you can and borderless printing, if available. Additionally, since you will be making a custom size, you will need to add your customized dimensions. Also, if you are using a roll, you'll need to let your printer know.

Using Imaging Software

If you have it available, it can make your life a lot easier to edit and print the image from an image editing software like Adobe Photoshop or another high quality imaging software. This will help to you to make any modifications you need to the panoramic image prior to printing. It can also be helpful in allowing you to adjust the size of the image if your printer is only capable of a specific size.

taking panoramic
Taking panoramic photo

Problems You Might Encounter

While printing at home is an option, you need to keep in mind the challenges you will face.

  • There is only so much that your run-of-the-mill printer can do since it is restricted by the maximum size it can print out and the quality of print it is capable of.
  • Not all papers and printers are equal and trying to find a paper that works with your machine in the size you need can be as costly as sending it in to a professional.
  • The quality is also a factor. While desktop printers are getting better and better daily, the quality that they can print isn't anywhere near that of a professional printer yet.
  • Printing a large image will use a lot of ink. Additionally, if ink reservoirs get low, the quality of the print will suffer, and you might get lines.
  • Cost to quality ratio. When you take into account the cost for the paper and ink, it might actually be more cost effective to print your panoramic from an online printer, especially if you are printing a large panoramic image.

Sending It Out

If you aren't having getting your images to print on your desktop printer, then there are professional places you can get your images processed that won't cost you an arm and a leg. While there are several places that you can send your prints, there are a few highly rated services that offer convenient panoramic prints in a range of sizes.

panoramic photo of London
Panoramic photo of London

Nations Photo Lab

At Nations Photo Lab, you can find panoramic images ranging from 4x8 to 20x40. You can get luster, metallic, and glossy finishes that are printed on Professional Kodak Endura Paper. Pricing ranges from about $1 to $30. Nations Photo Lab was ranked among Best Online Photo Printing Services in 2017 by PC Magazine, which boasted the company offered great image quality as their stand out feature. Additionally, getting your photos ready to print is an easy process. If you don't have an account, you'll need to sign up for one, then you simply click the button to add your photos. Next, you'll pick your size and place your image and you are ready to go. Shipment for you item can take as little as one day to as much as a week.


Another place that offers high quality prints for a reasonable price, according to the Top Ten Reviews for Best Digital Photo Printing Services of 2017, was Shutterfly. Not only did this site receive a 9.5 out of 10 for image quality but it had an overall rating of 9.25 and 10 for site features. Shutterfly offers standard prints in 5x15, 8x24, and 12x36 from $8 to $17 on Fuji Crystal Archive paper with a matte, glossy, pearl, or signature finish. After you sign up for an account, you can upload your images from your mobile app or desktop. In addition to prints, you can also purchase a gallery panoramic canvas in 10x24 for about $65. A 12x36 is also available in the canvas. In addition to having these shipped directly to your home in as little as 1-2 days, you can also get prints in an hour at CVS, Target, and Walgreens.

photo books
Shutterfly also offers photo books


Another top rated printer that offers panoramic images in an assortment of sizes is AdoramaPix. These prints are printed on Kodak Professional Endura and Fuji Deep Matte paper and come in sizes like 4x12, 6X18, and 12x36 from less than a dollar to about $15. Canvas prints are available in a 12x36 for $95 bucks. PC Magazine gave this printing site a 4 out of 5 stars and noted its image quality as its stand out feature. Getting your panoramic image on the site are easy. You can get them from Google photos, Flickr, Facebook, Instagram, your computer, and more. Once you select your panoramic, you can review and crop your image, then it will provide you will a summary before you pay and complete your order. The fact that AdoramaPix does allow you to upload from your social media sites makes it a bit easier for find and share your perfect image.

Get Printing

When it comes to printing your panoramic images, it's all about what you are looking to get. If you want professional quality to frame for your wall, then going to a professional printing service is the way to go. However, if you are looking to make a scrapbook of your vacation or just have a fun image to hang at the house, then you might want to give your desktop printer a try. Just remember, there might be a few challenges to getting this just right if you opted for doing it at home. Now find out what works for you and get printing!

Printing Panoramic Photographs