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Weird Stock Photos

Odd Photos

Whether they don't make sense, are completely bizarre, or are completely unusable in any fathomable scenario, these odd photos are great for procrastinating your morning work. (Because, seriously, they are so weird that's about all they're good for.)

Here we have photographic evidence as to why you should not store your bananas and carrots together.

Useless Crash Test Dummies

Maybe someone is trying to prevent cruelty to crash test dummies by promoting more gentle modes of transportation. Or maybe this is what crash dummies do when they retire. Either way, there is literally nothing more useless than a crash dummy getting pulled in a toy car.

Death by Fast Food

Who wouldn't want to bury themselves in a vat of french fries while being gagged by a cheeseburger? Okay, actually there are a lot of people who wouldn't want to do that. What's great about this photo is the look in the person's eyes - as if they fear what's coming next and are equally excited by it. It's probably something tasty. Bonus oddity: This came up during a search for Mr. Potato Head (as in the toy). Not quite sure what the editors were going for.

Posing With Peas

Either this man takes his love for gardening to a whole new level, or the cameraman said, "Hey! I have an idea!" and this man had no idea how to get out of it.

Popcorn Face

This lady really gets into eating popcorn. So much so, that she sticks some on her cheek, and aims for her face rather than her mouth. (Seriously... look at her hand. If she keeps going that popcorn is going straight into the side of her face.) Yum!

Can You Smell the Popcorn?

What's better than shoving popcorn into the side of your face? Smelling it. Surely, nose closeups from this awkward angle are super popular on stock sites too.

Naked Salad

Can you imagine the photo shoot for this one?

"We're going to need you to get undressed. Then we're going to adorn your head with rhubarb leaves, apples and... let's throw some parsnips in there. All we need you to do is hold that leaf over your eye. No, no... that looks too natural... hold it more awkwardly. Perfect!"

I Shrunk the Baby and...

This is the mock-up of a movie poster for, Honey I Shrunk the Baby and He Was Delicious. For some unknown reason, the movie never got enough funding to get made. (Best guess for the use of that photo.)

Yes! A Paper Bag!

James was so excited when he found out the company was instituting a new 'paper bag' dress day, he couldn't help but give a jump and fist pump to the air. This is so odd because really, who puts a paper bag with a smiley face on it on their heads and then feels compelled to jump around?

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Sticky Note Stress Management

Hey... anyone else just get super stressed and then decide to cover their face with sticky notes? Er... no, me neither. Asking for a friend.

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Floating Head

This is a floating head that just ate something drippy, unidentifiable but very delicious. We're not even sure how this is a standard stock photo, and we are definitely unsure as to how you'd use this odd little gem on your website. We don't suggest that it be used on any product page. Ever.

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Plastic Wrap Love

Not only is this couple wrapped in plastic wrap, they are really stinkin' excited about it judging by their facial expressions. It's also hard not to notice that they are... naked? Maybe this is the rejected pile from their engagement photo shoot. (Hopefully it went in the rejected pile...)

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Swimming in String

This girl apparently always carries twine with her to the pool. That way after working out, she can wrap herself up and engage in a solitary battle to undo it. Which is a totally normal cool down (said no one ever).

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Fastest Cop Ever

If these two cops were smiling, you could pass this off as a community event to help foster goodwill between the community and the police. However, look at their faces. They are either in a winner-takes-all competition for the prize and title of 'best trike cop,' or their commanding officer is punishing them by humiliation.

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Business 'U'

It's hard to fathom what they're doing, or why anyone ever would think it was a good idea to have two men dressed in business suits stick their heads in either end of ventilation tubing. Maybe this was a work bonding exercise?

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Say What?

The concept here is clear. Use it to convey you're listening, you can't hear, or your love of giant ears. What is unclear is that red jelly-like substance in the middle. Massive ear infection? New jelly-like moisturizer? The world may never know.

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Banana Girl

So you see... you just wear these peels on your elbows while hugging your head. Be sure to keep the elbows up so that the banana peels won't fall. Stay like that for no more than an hour, and you can relax your way into fully moisturized elbows. (Maybe this was a failed proposal on Shark Tank? She looks so incredibly uncomfortable, but still, it's hard to see how this wasn't a hit.)

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Beach Day Fun

Pretty sure this guy just wanted a nice, quiet day to read at the beach. Just him, his book... and his horse head, which by the way is totally inconspicuous.

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Corn Girl!

Introducing a new superhero: Corn Girl! She has the yellow mask to conceal her identity. In each hand, she carries the mighty corn cobs of power, always ready to toss at an evil wrongdoer.

Despite a great pitch, the folks at DC comics didn't feel like Corn Girl had enough mass appeal.

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Shaggy Hair

If you were born in the 50s, this just looks like a modernized version of Cousin It from The Adaams Family. To the rest of the world, this is a person with a shaggy carpet on their head. Which is weird - unless there is a spin-off featuring Cousin It. Then we think it's totally cool.

Whether the image is odd because the concept is unclear or the subject itself just defies explanation, you could waste hours online looking up weird stock photos. Or... you could get creative, improve your photog skills, and go snap some oddities yourself and post them for the world to see. We promise we won't laugh too hard.

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