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Funniest Kids in Stock Photos

Jennifer L. Betts

Excited by Nature

Funny images are everywhere. But kids really tend to tickle your funny bone. Whether it is just their face or what they are doing, you can't help but laugh your head off at some of these outrageous photos. Now sit back, relax and check out some of the funniest stock photos of kids floating around the internet.

Help Me Out, Mom!

Help me! That face screams help me. While not funny by itself, when you notice the giraffe craning its neck to get in, you can't help but chuckle. You know the next frame already; a giant tongue licking his face.

Eating Makes Me So Tired

Eating is just hard work. Who doesn't need a nap after a good meal of cake? But it isn't just the sleeping baby that has you loling, you can imagine how all that frosting got there, can't you? Food and babies make a hilarious combination.

Gonna Eat You

Maybe it is the determination on the baby's face or the fact that the other one is completely unaware of the fact that he's going to be dinner, but this one is chuckle worthy. If you have ever been around babies, you know there antics can always elicit a laugh. However, adding multiple babies makes the photo ops go through the roof.

Ice Cream Renders Her Speechless

There are no words for that face. The picture makes you literally laugh out loud. Whether there was a spider in her cone or she's getting ready to cry, something is not right. But thankfully for you and the rest of the online world, someone caught that on camera.

It's Disgusting!

Broccoli can't hold a candle to ice cream. This girls face can tell you that with just a simple look. But it's not just the look on her face as she snarls at the broccoli that has you laughing, the glasses and bowtie just add a cuteness appeal that makes it impossible not to smile.

Stink Eye

She got pudding in her eye! Maybe. Whether this little girl is giving you the stink eye or just begging for more pudding, the look on her face is priceless. She has all the attitude but the effect is just a complete wash given the fact that the remnants of her meal are splattered all over her face.

Safety First

There are just so many things so incredibly wrong but yet so right with this image. Whether it is the war cry of victory or the cheesy grin of the older brother. The watermelon hats, we can't forget to mention the watermelon hats. Of course, the goggles are a necessity. Safety first.

Yikes! Watch Out!

Kids make the greatest faces. This little girl is no exception. The way her eyes are bugging, her little neck and the crazy smile, it is all just a little too much. Whatever she sees off camera, it's giving her quite the start.

Just a Nibble

He's been licked by an angel, and he's loving it. The beautiful, innocent smile swimming on this little boy's face gives you the warm fuzzy feelings. Plus, animals and kids are always a guaranteed grin.

Hey Now!

If that little guy could talk, you know that he would be saying, hey now! The look on his little face as his parents kiss him is priceless. Just the sheer cuteness factor can't help but to bring a smile to your face. He's done people. He is done.

Wanna Fight?

While you know in all actuality this child probably sucked on a lemon or didn't like that bite, seeing his face and little fist you can almost hear the words, "Wanna fight, bro?" It is so adorable and just plain hilarious at the same time.

Surprised by Life

The shock. The awe. The hilarity. You don't know what was so surprising but, oh, the look. Those big, precious blues wide in shock can make even the most stoic person crack a small smile. Add to that the look on her Dad's face and you have a guaranteed grin.

It's Eating Me

He's definitely sure that his hand is never coming out. But he stuck it in there. Kids, what else can you say?

Finding the funniest stock photos on the web is just a process of looking. There are lots of funny images out there but these are some of the cream of the crop. Now, hit replay just to have another good laugh before checking out some of the weirdest stock photos online.

Jennifer L. Betts
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Funniest Kids in Stock Photos