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Baby image in Geddes style.

Anne Geddes photography of newborns and young children is among the most celebrated imagery of the 20th and 21st century. The whimsical aspects of Geddes' photos, combined with her talent of capturing babies in the best possible light, have beguiled the world's population for more than two decades.

About Anne Geddes

Born on September 13, 1956, in North Queensland, Australia, Anne Geddes was the third of five daughters born to hardworking farmers. Growing up on a 26,000-acre beef cattle ranch in the Australian countryside helped shape Anne's vibrant personality . With her four sisters, she spent her time riding horses, herding cattle, scattering hay and swimming in creek beds during the country's wettest seasons.

Career Beginnings

At seventeen, Anne worked for a hotel chain and began to travel locally and internationally. To record her adventures, she made good use of her camera by taking hundreds of pictures, thus beginning her self-taught photography education. Despite her growing love of imagery, she set her sights on owning a retail clothing store. However, at the age of 22 she got a job as a secretary at a local television station. Immediately, Anne began to thrive in the creative setting and went on to marry the station manager, Kel Geddes, with whom she raised two daughters in Australia and New Zealand. In 1984, she started a fledgling portraiture business in her home, then went on to garner fame for her specialized infant and newborn photography style of the early 1990s.


The first taste of inspiration came to Anne Geddes by way of the bold images featured in National Geographic and Life magazines. On her website's bio page she also cites taking time to explore her creative side as additional inspiration. Above all else, Anne's love for children and her desire to preserve their innocence provides the greatest inspiration for her unique brand of photography.

Achievements and Awards

Throughout her famous photography career, Anne Geddes has received a number of awards and recognitions, including:

  • Best in Category from Paybefore Awards for greeting card designs in 2009
  • Family Choice Award for her book, Miracle, from Family Magazine Group in 2005
  • Lifetime Achievement Award from Professional Photographers of America in 1997
  • Commercial Photographer of the Year by the New Zealand Professional Photographers Association (NZPPA) in 1991
  • Harrison Trophy for Portraiture by the New Zealand Professional Photographers Association (NZPPA) in 1990

Anne Geddes Photography Books

The best way to view Anne Geddes photography is by viewing her breathtaking books. The layout of each book eschews clutter, ensuring the viewer an uninterrupted photographic journey into the world of babies in their purest state. Some of her most popular titles include:

  • Down in the Garden 1996: Nature and magic abound within the pages of this early collection. With an eye on design and some well-placed props, Geddes transforms the tiniest angels into garden sprouts and charming creatures like fairies, gnomes, field mice and peas in a pod.
  • Until Now 1998: To showcase the evolution of her career, Anne incorporates studies in contrast to her usual repertoire of prop photography. Notable themes include dark against light, small against large, and riotous color against stark monochrome.
  • Pure 2002: Largely abandoning extraneous adornment, this collection is all about organic relationships. What few props appear consist of natural materials used to highlight the best attributes of each baby. The collection offers a nice mix of monochrome, color, baby models and some adults.
  • Miracle 2004: This collaboration of photographs and music with Celine Dion celebrates the joys of motherhood. Floral themes abound in the photos while the warmth of caring for baby oozes through the musical selections.
  • Beginnings 2010: As the title implies, this collection is about the moment of creation. Woven skillfully into a linear representation of life from egg to birth, the photos in this book are diffused, veiled, soft and yet, bold at the same time.

The Future

The story of Anne Geddes' photography career has only just begun. As she expands her world view and allows her artistry free rein, fans can expect her photographs to continue bewitching the world with the innocent charm of the tiniest tots.

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