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Pregnancy Announcements Photography

Kate Miller-Wilson
Woman expecting

Announcing a pregnancy is even more exciting if you have an amazing photo to go with it. Whether you're a photographer looking for inspiration or a mom-to-be who needs ideas to help share her great news, there are lots of awesome ways to show the world a new addition is on the way.

Take Photos With the Ultrasound

The ultrasound photo offers parents their first real glimpse of the new little one, and it's also a great way to show friends and family a new baby is on the way. There are lots of fun ideas for incorporating an ultrasound photo into an announcement.

Focus on the Ultrasound

Baby Ultrasound with Parents

Use shallow depth of field to your advantage by having the focus on the ultrasound and the couple or mom-to-be out of focus in the background. This is easy to achieve by using as wide an aperture as your lens allows. Focus the camera on the ultrasound photo, which you can clip to a branch or clothesline in the foreground. Have the mom or couple stand behind the sonogram image. An alternative is to have the mom hold the photo in her hand, extending it toward the camera.

Sonogram Embrace

Have the dad-to-be stand with his back to the camera while the mom hugs him and looks at the camera. Behind his back, she can hold the ultrasound photo, showing the camera they are expecting. Another variation would be to have the couple kissing while holding the sonogram image.

Secret Revealed

Let friends and family experience the joy of the dad-to-be as he finds out about the new baby. To get this on camera, have the mom in the foreground with her back to the camera and the ultrasound photo held behind her back. Have the dad face the camera in the background and snap photos of his reaction as he learns about the new addition. Close down the lens to provide a wide depth of field here, ensuring the ultrasound photo and the dad are both in focus.

Use Props to Announce the News

Incorporating props into your image can add a playful edge that will set your announcement photo apart. Props are nothing new, but you can go beyond the standard teddy bear or pair of shoes and really demonstrate the personality of the parents-to-be.

Spell It With Blocks

Baby bump with toy blocks

Classic nursery blocks are adorable in any baby photo, so why not add them to your pregnancy announcement image? You can have the mom-to-be lying on her side and spell a message over her belly with the letter blocks. To make this type of image work, you'll need a clean background that won't detract from the message. You'll also need light coming from the front of the image, behind the camera, to avoid shadows that could make the blocks hard to read.

Incorporate Books

Books are a great way to add text to an image without detracting from the subject - the mom-to-be. There are several ways you can use them in a photo, including having the mom reading a classic like What to Expect When You're Expecting. Or try making a stack of several favorite baby or toddler books and have the parents hold them in their hands. The subtlety of this kind of announcement image is part of its charm.

Miniature Hobby Gear

If the parents-to-be enjoy a hobby together, you can use the associated gear to really show off their personality while also announcing the news. For instance, parents who are into mountain biking could pose for an outdoor image on their bikes with a small tricycle between them. A couple who loves photography could sit together with their cameras while both holding a little toy camera.

Showcase the Sibling

A new addition doesn't just affect the parents-to-be; it can be a huge event in the life of a sibling too. Let older kids get in on the fun of the announcement by showcasing them in your photos.

The First Moment

little boy curious about mothers growing belly

If you like lifestyle photography that can show a real moment unfolding in a family, consider doing a photo of the moment an older child learns she will be a big sister. This moment will be unique for each family, but it might include showing the ultrasound photo to the older sibling, touching mom's belly, or listening to baby's heartbeat. Choose something that is iconic enough that others will understand what is happening in the image. Then friends and family can experience the excitement too.

Chalkboard or Sign

Write the news on a small chalkboard or sign and let the older sibling be the one to tell the world. To make this idea really work, you need to make sure the older child knows what it says on the sign and understands that he is letting people in on the secret. The proud smile from the sibling is what takes this type of image out of the ordinary. The sign can say anything from "Coming in April" to "I'm a big brother!"

Belly Comparison

Toddlers have adorable round bellies that look even cuter next to Mom's baby bump. Pose the mom-to-be in a midriff-bearing top to show off the new addition, and have the toddler lift up his shirt to show his belly too. A profile shot, taken from the side, is a great way to show the hilarious comparison. Experiment with different lighting here to create some unique shots. For instance, you can expose for a bright background to make this a silhouette.

Get Pets Involved

If the mom- and dad-to-be are expecting their first human child, they can announce the news with some help from their fur babies. There are lots of ways to get pets involved in the fun, including these cute ideas.

Pet's Eye View

Couple Standing On Street With Dog

Create an adorable photo by shooting low and taking in the pet's perspective. You can show the mom-to-be's baby bump and the relationship between the couple and their pet at the same time. The pet is the focus of this photo, but the baby bump gets plenty of attention too. Add a caption like, "Farley's world is about to change," and you have one of the cutest pregnancy announcements ever.

Pet on the Bump

If the couple has a cat or a small dog, you can take a photo of the pet perched on the baby bump. Keep the mom's comfort in mind, and change your approach if she feels at all uncomfortable with the pet on her belly. You'll need to shoot this in profile with the mom-to-be lying down to really show off the bump. Keep the background simple, and make sure there's plenty of light hitting the pet to create cute catchlights in the eyes. Couple this with a caption like "Muffy won't be top dog for long."

Special Delivery

Some dogs are great at carrying things in their mouths and will even sit still for the camera. If the parents-to-be have a dog like this, you can have the dog sit in the foreground of the image holding a hanger with a onesie. The mom- and dad-to-be can stand in the background holding hands. Depending on your preference, you can use a shallow depth of field to focus on only the dog and have the parents out of focus, or you can close down your aperture and have the whole group in focus.

Reveal the Gender

Some couples wait until they know the baby's gender to announce their new addition. You can really show off their expectations for a new little girl or boy if you play up color in your shot.

Say It With a Sign

woman holding boy banner

A sign with "boy" or "girl" is an obvious way to announce the gender, but the photo itself can be surprising and cool. Keep this light and fresh, but don't just use a plain background like a wall or studio backdrop. Instead, head to the local beach and let the simple, natural background give your image some fun context. Choose an overcast day when you won't need to fight shadows, and face the mom-to-be toward the light. Expose for her face, letting some of the highlights blow out if you need to.

Backlit Balloons

Balloons are another fun way to show gender, since you can get them in great pink or blue shades. They're even better when you shoot with the sun backlighting them; that way, the balloons really light up and become an important part of the image. To do this, have the mom-to-be dress in simple clothing and hold a big bunch of the appropriate color balloons. Then position her in profile with the sun low on the horizon just outside the frame. Underexpose a bit to make her a partial silhouette and allow the balloons to really pick up some color.

Laundry on the Line

Set up a fun laundry-themed shot with pink or blue baby clothes to reveal the gender of the new addition. Stretch a clothesline across the scene, about chest-height on the parents. Hang four or five baby outfits in the appropriate color, as well as a sign with the due date. Then have the parents-to-be stand behind the clothing like they are hanging it up. Keep the background simple here, using a blank wall or an expanse of green lawn.

Let the News Shine

No matter how you choose to set up your photo, the key is keeping the big news the focus of the image. Simple backgrounds and clothing allow the news to take center stage, even when it's being delivered by an adorable toddler or cute dog.

Pregnancy Announcements Photography