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For those of you who still feel more comfortable using film cameras or like to have your digital images printed out on film paper, the services offered at Walgreens photo can provide you with an attractive option when you decide where to have your photos printed. In addition, there are still those who love their trusty old film cameras and don't want to give them up. The problem many of these traditionalists are facing these days is that the number of places to have their film developed are dwindling, and those that remain are not always of the highest quality. This article will introduce you to the services offered at Walgreens photo and in doing so will explain the general issues photographers need to consider when ultimately choosing a place to have their film processed and their photos printed.

What You Can Expect From Walgreens Photo

Walgreens photo offers a number of services for the photo enthusiast. The most essential of these are explained below.

Ordering Prints

There are three ways to obtain prints when using Walgreens photo services:

  1. In-store: A photographer can enter any Walgreens Photo Center and order prints to pick-up. Print sizes available include 4x6, 5x7, 8x10, or uncut sheets of 2x3 wallet sized prints. All in-store prints available for pick-up in store are available with a glossy finish.
  2. Online: Photographers can also order prints of their photos online. To do this, users will need to create a free account at Walgreens online photo site. After completing this initial step, users can upload their images to photo albums that are stored online. Users can then select any images that are stored there and have them printed however they like.
  3. Mail order: Whether you order your prints online or in-store, the prints can be mailed to any address within the United States. Prints that are mailed are available in either glossy or matte finishes, and there is no additional cost for either finish.

Editing Images

If you take advantage of the online services offered by Walgreens, many powerful editing options will be made available to you including the following:

  • Choosing borders: You can add different borders to your photos including studio effects like torn edges, soft fades, and shapes, fun borders like festive holiday borders and special occasions, and interest borders like sports or hobbies.
  • Manipulation: Whether you need to rotate and flip, add a caption, or rearrange photos within your online photo album, you can make the necessary changes.
  • Fixing and Enhancing: Other enhancements that you can perform on your images include removing red-eye, cropping your images, correcting the color of your photos, adding tints, and adding flash to fill-in the dark areas of the photos.

Other Available Products

Besides ordering traditional prints, there are other interesting products available for you to display your images, including:

  • Poster prints: Posters are available in the following sizes: 11x14, 12x18, 16x20, and 20x30.
  • Magazine covers: Photographers can choose an image and use it to make a custom 8x10 magazine cover in either matte or glossy finish.
  • Photo gifts: A complete list of the photo gifts available at Walgreens can be found here. Some of the most popular include aprons, mugs, beach totes, calendars, wall clocks, and even dog collars.

Full Service

Walgreens photo is truly a full service place for all of your photo needs. In addition to the aforementioned services that are available for printing of digital images, you can still get rolls of 35mm film developed at Walgreens. Stop by your local Walgreens or visit their website to see everything Walgreens photo can offer you.

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