Tips for Taking Beautiful Pregnancy Photos

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Pregnancy photos make wonderful keepsakes.

Are you interested in learning some tips for taking beautiful pregnancy photos? Pregnancy is one of the most natural and fascinating processes of life. Nothing can honor that time more than pregnancy photos. Many women choose to take photos while pregnant to remember the time they spent preparing their baby for the world. Whether you're a mother looking for ideas for great poses or a photographer looking for some help, keep reading for tips for taking beautiful pregnancy photos.

Tips for Taking Beautiful Pregnancy Photos

There are a few different types of tips that can help to create flattering and beautiful pregnancy photos.

Pose Tips

  • One of the best poses for a beautiful pregnancy photo is of the mother with her hands on her bare belly. There are different angles that can be explored and different settings that can help support the shot, but one would be hard pressed to find a better pose.
  • It's also very important to make sure that the pregnant mother is comfortable at all times. If standing proves difficult, be sure to have some posing ideas for sitting. A great shot of her belly can be taken standing, sitting, laying down, etc. Also, be sure to not choose any poses that are strenuous. They are not safe for the mother and will surely show on her facial expression.
  • Consider props. If the mother already has another child, perhaps he or she can sit with his or her hands on the mother's belly. If the mother reads to her unborn child every day, consider taking a photo of her reading to her child. Great props can help to create great shots.

Camera and Lighting Tips

  • Do not use a flash. This tip cannot be stressed enough. If you are in a low-light situation, add additional lights or perhaps consider moving to a better lit area. Flashes can help to bleach out the gorgeous glow of a pregnant women and that's never flattering! Be careful of broad daylight and strong sunlight as it can also create unnatural colors that wash out your subject.
  • Natural light can help make a photograph look brighter and warmer. Consider finding interesting ways to bring it into your scene, such as windows and blinds.
  • Don't use quick shutter or small aperture settings. The combination of a quick shutter and small aperture will not help with trying to not use a flash. If using a digital camera, try to find the setting for 'portrait'. If you're using film, try to use a slower film to attract more detail to the shot.

Other Important Tips

  • Experiment with location. There are as many great pregnancy photos that are taken on ones home couch as there are in a park. Don't think that you have to follow any rules as far as where your pictures take place.
  • Don't underestimate the value of a simple, candid shot. Some of the best pregnancy photos have been taken when no one was expecting them.
  • Consider having the baby's father in a few of the shots. The mother will feel more comfortable and it gives a great chance to take a family portrait a few months early.
  • Avoid background items. Keep the shot as simple as possible to highlight the pregnancy. If the frame is cluttered with background items, it will detract from what's important.
  • If you're the photographer, continually work to hype up the pregnant mother. Remind her that she is beautiful and that she is doing a great job. Pregnant photos can be awkward for some women. As a photographer, you should work to minimize any discomfort she may feel.

Final Thoughts

The most important tip to keep in mind when trying to take beautiful pregnancy photos is to remember the point of the picture is to get a great shot of a beautiful moment in a woman's life. Keep that objective in mind and the photos will be great!

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Tips for Taking Beautiful Pregnancy Photos