The Picture People Photography

Capture precious moments with a studio portrait session.

The Picture People photography studio offers families a fast yet professional studio session since 1987 in over 33 states across the U.S.

Picture People Experience

The Picture People offer a chance to capture the "smilestones" in a baby's life, from the first smile to the first tooth to the first step. Yet they offer more than just infant photography. Grandparents, families, business people, special occasion sittings, senior photographs and even pet photographs can be taken at The Picture People.

No sitting fees, high quality images and one-hour service makes The Picture People stand out amongst the numerous photography studios available. Although walk-in customers are accepted, it is best to call ahead for the best time available. The toll-free phone number is 1-800-341-HOUR.

Get the best photograph by following the tips for a successful portrait session on their website. Innovative photography posing ideas combined with unique or personal photography props make each session unique to the people being photographed.

Products available from the company include portrait sheets, frames, seasonal items and postcards. The SmileStore from Picture People offers options for customers who want to do more with their photographs.

The Picture People Photography Deals

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The website itself often has printable coupons for home printing or sending to a cellular phone. These offers are on the homepage of The Picture People or by surfing around their website. Look for the advertisement coupons at the top and bottom of the page. Deals can range from a free 8x10 photo to a percentage off the entire purchase price.

Careers with Picture People

Even people who do not have formal training in how to take good pictures can apply for a career in photography with The Picture People. The company provides paid training for individuals who have the right personality.

Jobs can be at the corporate office in Plano, Texas or at one of the studios nationwide. Studio opportunities include full-time managers, part-time associates and seasonal associates. To apply for a position, you'll need to apply online

A position with The Picture People photography studio means team-oriented work, competitive wages, employee discounts and opportunities to advance within the company.

Contact the local studio for their current promotions, specials and schedules. The Picture People photography makes it easy to get superior prints without waiting weeks for delivery from a printing house. People without great photography skills can take advantage of the professional grade portraits that result from a session with The Picture People.

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The Picture People Photography