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Pretty Places to Take Pictures

Pretty Places to Take Pictures

Throughout the world, there are many pretty places to take pictures. There are mountains, valleys, beaches, and forests - but don't forget about your own backyard!

The Desert

Deserts can be beautiful places to take photographs. If you happen to be in the desert in the rain, you're all set to capture some amazing images.

Around Town

Sometimes there are gorgeous shots just waiting for you along your walk to work or the store. This wall is just one example. When walking remember to look up, down, and around. You never know what will turn into a prize-winning shot.

The Forest

Forests are particularly poignant places to take pictures. They are just brimming with life from every branch. The light in forests tend to me muted too, which makes for great color saturation.

Rocky Scenes

Sometimes rocky scenes have been standing in place for thousands of years, acting as nature's models. Consider capturing different angles for some amazing shots.

Moutain Ranges

Many people photograph the mountains because of their beauty. People never tire of outdoor photographs, so you should never stop taking them.


Waterfalls are fabulous photo subjects. They can be found in vast outdoor areas or your local park. Explore your neighborhood to see what you can snap.

Japanese Tea Gardens

Japanese tea gardens are especially gorgeous places to take pictures. Between the plants, bridges and other traditional structures, you're sure to get many beautiful shots. This is also a great place to take photos of people too, as they can pose with the traditional Japanese backdrop.

Central Park

If you live in New York City, Central Park is an amazing place to take pictures. This huge park is full of color and life, with lakes, ponds, trees, flowers, and animals.

Love Your Area

Wherever you live, there it so much beauty nearby. Grab your camera and find your own pretty places to take pictures.

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Pretty Places to Take Pictures