Photography Sensual Poses

Photography Sensual Poses

Sensual poses are used to convey a particular message. Each photo tells a story. To tell that story, certain clothing, accessories, backgrounds, and poses are required.

There is a sexual component in sensual photos, though these photos are not always overtly sexual in nature. They merely suggest that the subject is an object of desire. The subject in the photo may appear nude, semi nude, partially clothed or entirely clothed with just a hint of sexuality.

Sexy Bubble Bath

What is sexier than a woman taking a luxurious bubble bath? This photo is sexy and tasteful, and this type of setting could be used with a variety of subjects, regardless of their body types.

A Soft Kiss

A kiss between two people can make a beautiful photograph. Using a soft focus adds to the sensuality of the moment.

The Sexiness of Stockings

The photograph of a woman putting on or taking off stockings can be sexually charged. This photo only hints at sexiness since the subject is otherwise clothed.

Provocative in Jeans

A physically fit body is naturally sensual. In this picture the photographer poses the partially clad subject showing just a glimpse of his underwear beneath the jeans.

Sensual Isn't Always Sexual

A photo can be sensual without being sexual. This photograph shows a beautiful woman with glowing skin that begs to be touched. A model can use golden eye shadow or body makeup to create this effect. A photographer can use soft lighting to make the skin look sensual and touchable.


This photo shows a subject with a great physique posed to show it off in detail. The beautiful setting for the shoot adds to the sensuality of the image.

A Protective Partner

This semi-nude photo implies a certain closeness in the couple's relationship. Using black and white film gives the photo a unique, ageless quality. The position of the man's hands gives him the appearance of being protective. The look in the man's eye and the expression on his face also help to convey this protective quality.

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Photography Sensual Poses