Naturalist Photography

Naturalist Photography at Work

Naturalist photography strives to produce works that represent the working class, farmers, individuals working the land and enjoying pastimes. Photos that are representative of this era were taken from 1860 through 1890. Symbols of industry were absent from the photographs, as these images hearkened back to time before the Industrial Revolution. While those who used this photography style in Europe are referred to as naturalist photographers, those in the United States who used the same method are called Pictorialists.

Arlington Funeral

A funeral procession at Arlington Cemetery.

Abandoned Wagon

Broken down wagon on the prairie.

Abandoned Vehicle

Abandoned vehicle in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

Commanche Dress

Native Commanche dress.

Sea Captain

This sea captain wearing a fisherman's cap is a good example of naturalist photography.

Old Windmill

An old windmill on the prairie.

Senior Woman

A senior woman with a face etched by time.

Tribal Woman

A tribal woman in native dress.

Vietnam Rice Paddies

Working in the rice paddies in Vietnam.

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Naturalist Photography