Male Figure Photography

Male Figure Photography Basics

Although photos of female models tend to gather more attention, male figure photography is an art form on its own. If you're interested in developing your figure photography skills, LoveToKnow Photography has prepared a slideshow featuring tips that may be helpful as you complete your first project. You may also wish to check out our Take Better Pictures slideshow for more information.

Tattoos and Piercings

While some photographers prefer models with no tattoos or piercings, these body modifications can reflect a sense of vibrancy and personality.

Photographing a Couple

Photographing a couple together can result in a beautiful and artistic image.

Shooting in the Nude

If you're shooting your model in the nude, ask him to wear loose fitting clothing and no socks or underwear to the shoot. This will help avoid reddish pressure marks on the body that can take up to an hour to disappear.

A Captivating Expression

When shooting male figure photography, make sure your model understands the importance of a specific point of focus. Staring in a general direction results in a vacant and slightly confused expression.

Interesting Angles

Close up shots of a specific body part can be just as interesting as traditional full-body poses.

The Beauty of Black and White

Even if you generally prefer shooting in color, consider trying a few black and white or sepia toned images to give your project a slightly different look.

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Male Figure Photography