Infant Pose Examples

Infant Photography Poses

Posing babies isn't exactly the easiest thing to do, so getting cute infant photography poses can be challenging. Tiny bodies and joints don't bend the way ours do, and babies just don't understand that they need to stay still. For this reason it's usually a good strategy to work with the baby's natural postures and positions to get a great image, which actually yield the cutest photos anyway.

Baby Props

Babies are curious about objects, so if you give them a toy to play with, they will usually strike all sorts of interesting poses. Just keep the camera focused and ready, and snap away every few seconds.


If you give an infant a flower, it may very well be something they've never seen before. Be prepared for a series of intriguing facial expressions, which are perfect for close-up shots.

Just be careful of thorns!

Black and White Photos

Black and white photos are timeless, no matter what pose your baby is in. Switch your digital camera to black and white for some impressive and poignant photos.

Holiday Photos

The holidays provide thousands of opportunities for great infant photography poses. As long as the props don't have sharp edges, feel free to let your child play and see where it goes. Remember, some of the best images are caught on a moment's notice.


Why not take your infant outside? If your camera has a shallow depth of field setting, outdoor photographs can yield amazing photos. Babies love leaves, flowers, sticks, and rocks. Sometimes nature can provide the perfect infant photography poses.

With Mommy or Daddy

Tiny babies are harder to photograph in poses, especially if they can't sit up yet. Why not get mom or dad in the photo too? Parents often make the perfect prop or backdrop, and they'll make the little one more comfortable, which will equal more smiles.

Grown-up Props

Sometimes grown-up props can make for excellent baby photos. Who doesn't want to see their little one pounding away at a keyboard while they're still in diapers? Consider finding safe props that are not normally part of the tot-world and see where it leads.

Hiding Poses

Blankets are great props for infant photography poses. Your baby can cuddle and hide, providing you with a ton of super cute shots.

The Relaxed Close-up

When all else fails, let your baby lie on his or her back while you shoot close-ups of her face. Infants will be much more relaxed in this pose, and you have lots of opportunities to "dress up" the photo with a hat, headband, or other accessory.

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Infant Pose Examples