Gothic Photography

Cathedral in Alexandria, Russia

Gothic photography is popular amongst tourists and those who study architecture. The best examples are often found in Europe, since this was where the architectural form first took root during the Middle Ages. This form of architecture emerged after Romanesque architecture. It was originally known as Opus Francigenum, or the French style. This cathedral shows classic gothic architural elements.

Notre Dame Cathedral, France

Gargoyles are a familiar element in gothic photography and architecture.

Amiens Cathedral

Figures displayed on gothic style buildings, especially of religious people, were popular during the Middle Ages.

Duomo Cathedral

A wide-angle view of a gothic building shows off the spectacular architectural elements.

La Seu

Take close-ups of specific gothic architectural elements to show their complexity.

Reims Cathedral

An exterior photo of the rose window, an important element of gothic architecture. Interior photos of these stained-glass windows are also beautiful.

Salisbury Cathedral

This photo shows off the pointed or ogival arches in the cathedral.

Scott Memorial

This building shows off the structure's height as well as other structure elements found in gothic architecture.

St. Vitus Cathedral

This photo shows off the structure's height, rose window, buttresses and pointed arches.

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Gothic Photography