Female Body Photography for All Shapes

Female Body Photography for All Shapes


Creative female body photography is about going beyond the standard poses and models. Use these ideas to show off the beauty of real women's bodies with gorgeous lighting and interesting photographic compositions.

Experiment With Angles


Show off the unique shape of a woman's body by posing her thoughtfully. Here, the model's legs and arms make parallel lines, and the photo celebrates her curves at the same time. This pose is flattering for many body types.

Show Only Part of the Picture


Fine art body photography doesn't have to show the entire body. Highlight a favorite body part with a closely composed shot. Crop so you aren't cutting off any of her limbs awkwardly.

Try a Figure Study


In fine art photography, a figure study shows the shape of a body with careful lighting. Experiment by moving the main light source around (or moving the model) to see how it creates shadows and dimension. The collarbone and neck are a great subject for figure studies.

Try a Power Pose


Whether the model is nude or clothed, certain poses show power. You can celebrate the power of a woman's body with a simple hands-on-hips pose. This is great for all body types.

Show Strength With Scars


Scars and stretch marks are beautiful too, and you can celebrate this beauty with female body photography. Try moving your lighting to see how it changes the texture of the skin in your image. A side light will show texture, while light from the front will hide it.

Bring in Sensory Detail With Posing


Your choice of pose can add sensory detail to a photo. Including a woman's hand on her skin makes the image more powerful for the viewer because it evokes touch.

Celebrate Shape


You can accentuate and celebrate the female body by showing off curves with posing. A simple pose with arms across the chest can highlight an hourglass figure and appear strong and vulnerable at the same time.

Side View for All Shapes


A delicate, peaceful side view photo can work for any shape. The model can try this pose sitting, lying down, or kneeling. If she's uncomfortable showing her midsection, this pose can help her feel more comfortable in a boudoir photography session.

Show What a Woman's Body Can Do


A woman's body has great power, and nothing celebrates that more than maternity photos and post-partum images. Show the beauty that comes from creating life and the way creating life changes the female body.

Include Non-Traditional Body Parts


Don't just focus on the torso and shoulders in female body images. You can also include other body parts like legs and feet or arms and hands. These parts make a great subject for experimenting with lighting and shadows.

Use Shadows Creatively


Creative use of shadows can add emotion and visual interest to body photography. Consider using a piece of lace, some slatted blinds, or another item in front of your light source. This lighting technique is called a "gobo," and the pattern it casts can help you create a dramatic photograph.

Show Off Her Tattoos


Tatoos can be a lovely subject for female body photography, especially if you show them off with simple backgrounds and beautiful lighting. Choose a plain black backdrop and use window light or off-camera flash to make the tattoos the focus of your image.

All Shapes, Colors, and Sizes


The female body comes in all shapes, colors, and sizes, all of which can be the subject for gorgeous photography. Celebrate what makes each body beautiful and unique, and you'll have a powerful and flattering image everyone will love.

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Female Body Photography for All Shapes