Family Photography Poses

Perfect Family Photography Poses

There are many ways to capture the warmth of family photography without having to pose in a cold studio. Banish boring group shots from your albums by incorporating unique photography poses. When it comes to taking family portraits there are guidelines but photography is also an art, so feel free to think beyond the rules when it comes to posing members of your clan.

The Big Hug

One of the most unique photography poses for families is the stacked pose. This whimsical arrangement can be varied according to your clan. The standard stacked pose features the tallest person at the top and the shortest on the bottom. If your family members are game, you can flip the stack and have the shortest child pose at the top of the stack with the tallest members sitting or kneeling at the bottom.

The Great Outdoors

Families in action make wonderful portraits. Arrange a day where your family goes on an adventure or works on a project, and have a photographer snap away!

Family Pets

If you have a pet, why not include them in your family photography poses? Pets are a big part of your family, and they'll love the attention they get from being part of the shoot.

A New Perspective

Sometimes all you need for an interesting shot is to change the angle of the camera. Try shooting from below, by crouching or getting down on the ground. Kids will love the change of pace!

Up, Up and Away

High angles can also yield some fabulous poses. Try climbing up on a chair or a ladder and viewing the scene from up high.

Using Props

Don't underestimate the power of props when creating unique family photos. Props help bring context to simple shots. For example, using masks or other fun props can give the shot a light-hearted feel and show how much fun you have together. By playing with extra objects in a photo shoot, family members will relax and smile more.

Floor Poses

Babies like to spend time on the floor, so why not get down there with your little one? Rolling around on the ground can make for some cute, funny photos if your entire family is willing to play along.

Outdoor Setting

Sometimes all it takes for a great photo is a natural backdrop. Get your family out of the house and out of the studio - you never know what great poses and natural settings you'll end up with!

Blooming Good Pose

In group photography, symmetry is important but it doesn't require having all of the subjects stand front and center. Spice up large family portraits by posing a single subject, such as the family matriarch, in the middle and angling other family members around her to create a flower effect. In this shot, the grandmother is the center of flower and the rest of the clan acts as the petals.

Blurry Backgrounds

Another unique family pose requires creating two small groups to form a single shot by adjusting the depth of field. Position one group in the forefront of the shot, and then have the other family members pose in the background. Adjust the depth of field by modifying the aperture setting on your camera to create a slightly blurred background and snap away.

The Long and Tall Pose

Little ones want to be tall like mommy and daddy, so why not give them what they want? Place babies on your shoulders for a great vertical shot! They'll love being up high, and you'll get an amazing family photo.

The best family poses come from natural behaviors and family traditions. Use techniques and styles that fit best with your family to create warm, natural portraits that you'll be proud to show off for years to come.

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Family Photography Poses