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Boudoir Photography Galleries

Jared Skye

Invoke Emotions with Proper Lighting

Boudoir photography is usually intended as a gift or surprise from the subject to her husband or partner. These pictures are intimate in nature without being overtly sexual. Boudoir shots emply a number of techniques to make them both personal and unique.

In this photo, the lighting promotes a somewhat angelic appearance of the model. This is juxtaposed with the teasing angle of her shirt without revealing too much. Images like this can serve as an enticement to draw in the viewer.

Using Props for Enhancement

Boudoir photography sometimes needs to make use of props without drawing attention away from the subject. Notice how the photographer used the color of the flowers to contrast the background and the shirt of the model. This boudoir photo is an example of how appropriate prop use can compliment the form of a model.

Comfort Can Be Key

This photograph is a unique type of boudoir photography that stresses playfulness, comfort, and being coy. The draw of this photo is how natural the subject appears in clothes that aren't generally considered to be sensual. This creates a deeper connection between the viewer and the photograph, enhancing the effect of the photo.

Confidence in Costume

Costumes are a great tool in boudoir photography that can add a lot of character to a piece. They can be used to create more intriguing photos or as a method of highlighting the personality of the subject. Something as simple as a mask adds a bit of mystery and playfulness, while other costumes could be tailored to the subject or recipient of the photo.

Composition is Important

In this picture, the photographer made use of forced perspective to give the subject greater depth and to make her jump out of the picture. The creative lighting and background give the picture more depth, creating a layered effect. Composition can have a major impact on the way a viewer interprets a photograph.

Creating Full-Frame Landscapes

This photo employs techniques that make it stand out. First, the photo gives deceptively little away about its subject. This only gives the viewer tantalizing look at a small portion of the subject. Second, it creates a landscape within the body of the subject. As the image takes up whole frame, it becomes more intriguing than if the entire body were shown. Framing is key here to capture just the right section to be highlighted in the photo.

Focus on the Subject

This photo shows the simplicity of what boudoir photography is really all about: the subject. Lighting, costume, and set pieces all come together to frame the subject in a glamorous and sexy way that makes her the centerpiece of this photograph. As anyone who has ever taken photographs of the female form can tell you, a boudoir photographer needs to be able to make his or her subject feel sexy in order to get shots like this.

Jared Skye
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Boudoir Photography Galleries