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Preparing a Photo Book on Photoshop Elements 6

Kevin Casper
Retouching a digital photo of a human eye.

Are you trying to find some tips on preparing a Photo Book on Photoshop Elements 6?This article will help you accomplish this task.

About Photoshop Elements

Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 is a very popular digital image editing software program designed for the consumer market. The original version of Adobe's Photoshop was the piece of software that revolutionized the world of digital editing when it was released in 1990. In the last twenty years, the program has gone from being a small, Macintosh only software program to the industry standard in digital photo software.

However, as the original Photoshop became more and more complicated and powerful, many amateur photographers began to find that it was a bit too much to handle for their simple needs. People were finding that they were purchasing this powerful software and only using a fraction of it, sort of like buying a Ferrari and just driving it around your neighborhood. Responding to these needs in the market, Adobe released Photoshop Elements in 2001 as a simpler, easier to use, more affordable program for the user who doesn't need as many bells and whistles.

Tips on Preparing a Photo Book on Photoshop Elements 6

Preparing a Photo Book on Photoshop Elements 6 can be easily accomplished if you follow these important steps:

  1. Launch the program on your computer. If you're on a PC, click on the "start" button, browse to programs, and then select Photoshop Elements. If you're on a Mac, find the application icon on your dock and click on it to launch the program.
  2. When the screen appears that asks what you would like to do, click on the button that says, "create." After you click this button, a screen will appear that allows you to select photo book.
  3. Select images for your photo book. Remember that a photo book needs at least 20 pages and can have no more than 80 pages. The project bin at the bottom of the screen will show you the order of the images that you select for your book and how they will appear. Simply drag them around to rearrange the order. If you click on one of the images, you will be able to edit them in a variety of ways.
  4. After your [[Free_Downloadable_Pictures|images]] have been selected and are in the right order, click the "Next" button to move on.
  5. Choose the layout for your photo book. You have two options here: one is to "Choose random layout" and the other is to "Choose photo layout." The random layout option will allow you to drag images wherever you would like them to appear on the pages of your book. If you select the photo layout option, Photoshop will provide you with a number of options to guide your layout. If you're confident in your graphical design abilities, use "random" and do it yourself, but if you're a little nervous if you'll make things look right, the photo layout option can help get you started.
  6. After you have your book layout set, it's time to choose a theme. There are many different themes to choose from, such as wedding or vacation or graduation. Select the theme that best fits your book. You can also choose whether or not you want to add captions to your photo book.
  7. After you complete this last step, Photoshop will generate a book based on the images and options you've selected. This can take a bit of time, so be patient. Once it is completed, you're ready to print out your book. Go up to the file menu and select "Print." That's it!

Print and Share

Once you get the hang of preparing a photo book in Photoshop Elements 6, you can print out books for all the important moments of your life and share them with loved ones.

Preparing a Photo Book on Photoshop Elements 6