Polaroid Frame Clip Art

Mary Gormandy White
Three Polaroids

Clip art featuring Polaroid frames offers a great way to give a scrapbook or other creative project a vintage look, and also works well as a 'mat' for framed snapshot prints. The free clip art designs provided here work well as background for individual photographs or drawings as well as collages. It can also be used to create full page borders or on its own. You could even use it to line a bulletin board that will be used to display photos or mementos.

Free Polaroid Frame Artwork

The original clip art graphics provided here are free to use. Simply right-click any image you'd like to use and save it to your computer or other digital storage device. From there, you can use the image as a digital file or print it - whichever option best meets your needs. Use as many of the designs as you would like.

Pushpin polaroid
Light reflection polaroid
Light Pink Polaroid
Dark Pink Polaroid
Blue Polaroid
Polka Dotted Polaroid
Green Polaroid
Olive Polaroid
Tan Polaroid
Beige Polaroid

Fun Way to Enhance Pictures

These free clip art designs resembling Polaroid snapshots provide a really fun way to enhance your pictures and creative projects. Whether you select one of the classic black and white designs or choose a more colorful option, your projects are sure to shine when you incorporate fun graphics like these.

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Polaroid Frame Clip Art