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Pinup Photography

Patriotic Pinup Photography

Pinup photography is a style of photography popularized during the 1940s and 1950s. It is characterized by a retro look, including a subject's clothing, hair, and makeup, as well as poses and props.

You can show your love for country with a patriotic pinup photography shoot. Have your subject wear clothing in red, white and blue and pose with a prop, like the American flag.

Pinup Poses

Consider posing your subject in an unusual way to highlight her best assets. The model's legs in the photo at the left look long and curvy thanks to her pose.

Props and Pinups

Swimsuit shots are pinup material when you combine specific clothing (retro suit with polka dots), hair and a prop to make the photograph more interesting. Shooting on a light background also makes the model stand out.

Outdoor Photograph

Not every pinup photo has to be taken inside a studio. Look for scenic areas that capture the moment in time you want to portray. The red lips and swimsuit on this model stand out against the blue seascape behind her.

Pinups in Costume

If you are planning to shoot someone who works in uniform, or whose spouse works in uniform, a costume can really add to the shot. While many pinup shots are full body poses, you can also experiment with head and shoulder shots too. By adding the costume element, the pose does not have to be as elaborate.

Sexy Pinups

Create a sexy but classy boudoir pinup photograph by incorporating stylish hair and makeup with rose petals on a stark white background.

Modern Pinup Style

Just because you want a pinup photograph does not mean you have to go overboard with retro touches. Use pinup style as a guideline to create a modern look, like the photograph at the left. The model has a contemporary jacket, modern makeup and a contemporary hairstyle. However, her white corset and pose are similar to that of a retro pinup girl, combining the past and the present.

Retouching Photographs

Photographers can use their camera settings or photo editing programs to retouch an image. For a truly retro pinup look, consider adjusting the color to sepia tones, black-and-white or use spot color. Adding different lenses and lighting will also help create a pinup look.

If you want to get retro style photographs taken, consider calling local studios to find out if they have anyone who is a pinup photographer. You can also learn how to take pinup photos by using LoveToKnow's guide on how to take sexy pictures.

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Pinup Photography