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Are you interested in learning how to be a photographer for boudoir couples? Boudoir photography is a sensual and intimate genre that many couples like to experiment with to capture a particular moment in their lives. While many photographers specialize in portraits, boudoir photography takes a special type of skill and approach that is truly unique. Because of the sensitive and intimate setting that these types of images are taken in, photographers who wish to work in this genre need to be aware of certain issues that they will encounter. This article will provide tips on how to become a photographer for boudoir couples by demystifying some sensitive issues.

How to Become a Photographer for Boudoir Couples

If you are interested in taking intimate photographs of couples, you should be comfortable working with people. This is important, because as any good photographer will tell you, the only way to get great photos of human subjects is to make sure that they are comfortable with you. If you genuinely enjoy working with people, you will have an easier time getting your subjects to relax and open up for you on film.

What to Capture in a Boudoir Session

Boudoir photography is intended to be sexy and sensual, but in more of a teasing or flirting manner than other types of sexual or nude photography. The idea is to hint at the sexuality. Of course, certain subjects have different ideas of what is sexual or sensual, so the boundaries can be fluid between different shoots. Some subjects will be comfortable laying under a sheet and flirting with the camera, while others might feel like getting into more sensual poses. The bottom line is to let your subjects and their comfort zones guide you and not the other way around. One of the most important things for an aspiring boudoir photographer to remember is to let the shots come to you and don't try to force anything.


Often couples want to role-play a bit when they are taking boudoir photographs. Creating a setting that evokes a particular era is a way for couples to feel like they are getting into character a bit. This kind of playful approach can help the shoot, because people who are playing a role are often more willing to experiment.

One idea to try is creating a set that looks like the 1940s from the hairstyles to the clothes to the sheets to the items in the bedroom. You could even extend the theme to the photos themselves and shoot a very film-noir type of session with black-and-white images. This can really allow your subjects to open up in front of the camera.

Working With Couples

After you have your theme picked out make sure your subjects are comfortable. Some people feel more comfortable in their own home in their our bedrooms, but others tend to relax more when they are away for the weekend at a little bed and breakfast somewhere. In these settings the reminders of daily life are absent, so people often feel more free and playful. Wherever your couple wants to be, it is important for them to spend some time fooling around with each other before you jump right into the formal pictures. As a boudoir photographer, encourage them to chase each other around or play wrestle around for a while to get themselves in the mood. While they are doing that, sit back and try to not impose yourself on the scene. You can snap some photos, but try to be unobtrusive. As time passes and everyone gets into the mood a bit more, you can suggest certain poses or start to really zero in on the kinds of shots the couple is looking for.

Nude or Not?

For some people getting naked in front of the camera is as natural as walking, yet others would just as soon die than have someone take a picture of them in the nude. Again, boudoir photos can be sexy in a wide variety of ways. Tell your clients that there is no pressure to get naked if they don't want to. Perhaps you could show them some examples of great boudoir photography that doesn't include nudes. Sometimes just knowing that there is no pressure on them to perform in a certain way allows them to experiment in ways they might not have thought they ever would.

Final Thoughts

When you are first starting out taking boudoir photos you might feel more comfortable shooting friends and family before working with strangers. Depending on the relationships you have with your friends, you might know some people who you would feel comfortable taking boudoir photos of. On the other hand, some people find taking boudoir pictures of people they know awkward. These folks might feel more inclined to work with subjects they have never met before. Again, the most important aspect that must be remembered is that everyone should be as comfortable as possible, from the person behind the camera to the couples being photographed. When everyone is comfortable and relaxed, great things can happen when you are a photographer for boudoir couples.

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Photographer for Boudoir Couples