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Fans of sensual imagery will likely take a keen interest in Petter Hegre's work. Hegre is a successful photographer of the nude female body, and his work has appeared in numerous international magazines. Hegre's photography is very evocative and contains explicit nude images.

The Petter Hegre Story

Petter Hegre was born in 1969 in Norway. He studied in the United States at California's Brooks Institute of Photography and in New York, but then moved back to Norway where he continued to refine his craft. His work has been shown at galleries around the world, and he has been credited with helping create what he calls the new nude, which is a more natural and intimate style. He presently lives with his wife Luba Shumeyko, a well-known model he has photographed extensively. They divide their time between Paris and Portugal.

Hegre's work has won numerous awards including Photographer of the Year at the 2001 Erotic Prizes in London. He has also published numerous books including:

  • My Wife (2000) - A collection of unstaged photographs of Hegre's wife taken from the day they met
  • Russian Lolita (2002) - Hegre's portraits of Katya, a Russian model
  • Luba (2003) - Intimate portraits of his wife, Luba, from the time of their marriage in 2003
  • Wild Shaven Angel (2003) - Sensual photographs of a woman as both an innocent and a vamp
  • 100 Naked Girls (2004) - 100 images of the naked, female form
  • Marketa (2006) - Photographs of the Czech model Marketa Belonoha

Photography on the Internet

The following links provide samples of Hegre's work:

  • Hegre-Art: Hegre-Art is Petter Hegre's official website. Founded in 2002, the site showcases Hegre's work and is the highest ranked site in the world dedicated solely to the female nude. The site has plenty of free content. However, to access the bulk of the content, you need to subscribe. Subscribers have access to more than 100,000 images that are updated daily, as well as 300 original films. You can even purchase limited edition signature prints of some of Hegre's most famous photos on his site. This is the portal for all things Petter Hegre, and it's the first place you should visit to get a sense of his work.
  • Hegre Beauties: Hegre Beauties is a free gallery with an extensive free collection of Hegre's art. Some of the links here take you to other sites, but if you just want to take a quick look at some of Hegre's most famous images, this is a good site to visit.

Continuing His Work

Petter Hegre continues to expand his influence in the nude photography community, and his work continues to grow in popularity. It will be interesting to see where this photographer's career goes from here.

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Petter Hegre Photography