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Despite the influx of digital cameras on the market, a number of manufacturers have released new 35mm cameras. If you're shopping for a new analog camera, you should consider learning about the latest releases in film equipment before you make a decision.

Why 35mm Cameras?

Even though digital cameras are convenient, compact, and affordable, many photographers believe nothing can replace the quality and appearance of photos taken with a 35mm camera. What's more, in the changing personal imaging market, some film cameras are holding their own alongside feature-packed digital models. While it's true that certain manufacturers like Polaroid, Ricoh, and Sanyo have completely abandoned film camera production in favor of digital technology, a few top-rated companies continue to release dazzling new 35mm cameras.

New 35mm Cameras

With hundreds of digital cameras available, it can be confusing for the average consumer to figure out which one to buy. It's a good idea to conduct your own research before you start camera shopping. The following handy camera guide provides details on outstanding 35mm cameras:


Nikon has built a stellar reputation in camera manufacturing. Their latest models are no exception, delivering the clarity and quality that Nikon users expect. The cameras listed below are the only 35mm cameras that Nikon still manufactures:

  • Nikon FM10: This affordable late-model film camera features a compact body and a host of quality options including SLR (single lens reflex) technology, manual focus, 35mm film format, Nikkor lenses, self-timer, depth of field preview button, pentaprism viewfinder, and manual exposure controls with a built-in light meter.
  • Nikon F6: Nikon takes film photography to the next level with this high-end 35mm model that replaced the F5 in 2009. Die hard Nikon fans don't appear to begrudge the higher cost with features such as 3D Color Matrix metering, auto or manual shooting modes, auto or manual exposure, Nikkor lenses, autofocus, and electromagnetic shutter controls.


The Canon Company has been moving toward digital domination for a number of years, but still manufactures one film camera. The EOS-1V is among the cream of the crop when it comes to 35mm cameras. Its many top-of-the-line features include the world's fastest continuous shooting mode (up to 10 frames per second), interchangeable AF (auto focus) lenses, E-TTL (evaluative-through the lens) flash technology, and innovative focusing sensors.


Used by professional and amateur photographers alike, the Vivitar V3800N 35mm boasts a wide range of reputable features, including exposure metering, depth of field preview, metal focal plane shutter, viewfinder display, and fully customizable image controls. Also available is the V3800N SLR kit which comes with accessories like a gadget bag, a 50mm lens, a camera bag and strap, black and white film, and a 52mm UV filter.

Industry Pioneers

When it comes to 35mm cameras and equipment, two companies paved the way to modern photography innovations. Fortunately, these two names still produce at least one exceptional 35mm camera each.


Voigtländer got its start in Vienna, but is now based in Germany. It is the oldest developer in the camera world. The company's "Classic Collection" features a variety of new 35mm cameras that offer amateurs and professionals all the slick features they could want. The Voigtländer Bessa R4M includes outstanding features, such as a TTL metering system, ultra-sensitive manual exposure controls, metal focal plane shutter, and many other customizable options.

Other 35mm Cameras

If you're one of the many amateur photographers who want the image quality and authenticity of a 35mm camera without a lot of complicated features, there are a few cameras that may meet your needs. Try the Fujifilm 35MM Point and Shoot.

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New 35mm Cameras