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Funny Pet Pictures

Mary Gormandy White

Funny Pet Photos

While it would be hilarious if your pet hamster took up photography as a hobby, it's not likely to actually happen. However, it's not at all uncommon to catch funny pet antics through the lens of your own camera. Check out these humorous images of pets doing the darndest things!

Confused Reptile

A chattering toy chicken is sure to confuse your pet snake. This puzzled reptile isn't sure if he has a new friend or if his dinner is talking back!

More for Me

This hamster is ready for a dinner party even if no one appears to be joining him. No matter, that's just more food for him!

Ferret in a Glass

What do you think they're doing? Is it a rousing game of "roll out the ferret?" A confused approach to peek-a-boo? No matter how these ferrets ended up in this situation, the photo is hilarious.

Mouse Family Reunion

Are you a long-lost cousin? There's sure not a lot of family resemblance! You must come from Uncle Mac's side of the family. It's still nice to meet you. We'll will be great friends!

Work Is a Zoo

Are there days that you feel like you are working in a zoo? This monkey is dressed and ready for the office. Maybe he'll be assigned to work in the cubicle across from yours!

Wrong Kind of Shoes

"I need horse shoes, not riding boots!" That's what you can imagine this horse must be thinking when she discovers this pair of left-behind riding boots in her pasture.

Clean Piggy

Who says pigs are too dirty to be pets? This little piggy is enjoying a leisurely soak in her tub, relaxing and unwinding after a hard day on the farm!

It's Mine, All Mine

Good luck convincing this bunny that the pretty wrapped package isn't for her. Can't you just hear her saying, "no, it's mine I tell you - mine!" Let's hope it's filled with carrot sticks and other bunny-friendly snacks.

One Smart Lizard

Look at that studious lizard! Wearing your glasses, this colorful lizard looks like he's ready to go to school and earn high marks in every subject!

Setting Aside Differences

Who says dogs and cats are mortal enemies? When food is involved, dogs and cats just might set aside their differences. After all, plotting together just might result in a greater reward than working independently!

The Family You Choose

Friends are the family members that you choose - no matter how funny looking your family photos might be! Check out more funny cat pictures and photos of funny looking dogs to keep tickling your funny bone.

Mary Gormandy White
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Funny Pet Pictures