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If you're new to photo editing, free GIMP tutorials can help you make the most of your image manipulation attempts. Taking advantage of user-developed techniques and tricks that improve your digital photographs is easy and fun.

About GIMP

GIMP, or GNU Image Manipulation Program, is a full-featured free alternative to costly image editing programs. Even though GIMP is free, the software provides high-end options comparable to top names in the industry. Just like paid image editors, GIMP supports most types of bitmap graphic files and features similar controls, including image resizing and cropping tools, layer manipulation, masking ability, special effect filters and plug-ins.

Finding Free GIMP Tutorials

Now that you know how GIMP compares to other programs, it's time to check out some free Gimp tutorials. Searching the web is the best way to find video and text tutorials. An additional benefit to this type of searching is that you can also find exclusive tutorials on members-only websites and forums.

Image Enhancing Tutorials

Even if you have considerable photography skills, tutorials can enhance and improve your images. Browse the tutorials below for basic retouching and enhancement techniques that will turn your ordinary photos into spectacular images:

  • Remove Color Cast: Sometimes poor lighting can give your photos color casts like green or yellow overtones. This happens when improper lighting creates an imbalance between red, green, and blue (RGB) color channels. This tutorial removes color casts on your images and helps restore a healthy color balance.

Tutorials for Special Effects

The great thing about free GIMP tutorials is that most users and developers are eager to share their tricks at no cost. The tutorials listed below feature user-developed tips that will transform your photos and make them pop with creativity:

  • Retro Color: Retro is in and this tutorial gives GIMP users clear instructions on how to get a cool vintage color effect complete with film grain and enhanced lighting.
  • Convert to Black and White: It's easy to remove color saturation from an image, but sometimes the tones shift and leave the photo flat and lacking contrast. This tutorial shows you several methods to achieve a black and white conversion that results in beautiful, harmonious toning.
  • Selective Color: Learn how to convert a color image to monochrome, leaving a single color in place for special emphasis.

GIMP Support

Like all good software developers, GIMP provides support for all user levels directly on the website. The tutorials featured by GIMP range from simple adjustments for beginner photographers to script writing and web layouts for advanced users. Visit the tutorial page and explore all the GIMP goodies.

Tutorial Collections

Tutorials for GIMP are easy to find and in most cases, simple to use. While the results are not guaranteed, finding and experimenting with different tutorials is as fun as it is useful. Browse the collections below to find free tutorials that meet your image manipulation needs:

  • GHUJ GIMP Tutorials: This site offers several pages of tutorials especially for GIMP.
  • Gimp--Tutorials: You can find a wealth of GIMP tutorials for all skill levels here.
  • Gimpology: These tutorials are sorted by submission date and cover a wide array of GIMP image editing.
  • Gimp Talk: This is a forum based resource that features a large selection of user-submitted GIMP tutorials.
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Free GIMP Tutorials