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Are you looking to explore fashion photojournalism careers? The line between photography and journalism is becoming blurrier in the modern world. In the past, photographers had to have direct connections with print resources that would buy individual photos to compliment stories. Competition was fierce, and building your portfolio and reputation was essential to getting your work published. But much like digital audio has revolutionized the record industry, fashion websites and blogs have turned the world of fashion photography upside down. Now, photographers can host their own websites, or work with other fashion photojournalism sites to publish their images. The work is still competitive, and only photographers with experience and connections can demand big paychecks. However, it is much easier to get your foot in the door today than it has ever been before. This article will look at some of the different ways you could find a career in fashion photojournalism.

Types of Fashion Photojournalism Careers

There are many different fashion photojournalism careers you can explore, including:

Wedding Photojournalism

One of the most popular types of photojournalism careers that involve fashion is wedding photojournalism. Many people might reduce the concept of wedding journalism to the realm of paparazzi photography. They might think that this type of work involves staking out celebrity weddings, snapping interesting shots of famous people in their wedding ensembles, and selling the shots to fashion magazines. While this is definitely a route to go, there are other more traditional types of wedding photojournalism that you could pursue.

First of all, the subjects in wedding photojournalism need not be famous. However, there needs to be an intention for the photographs taken during the wedding to be published somewhere and not simply used for the family's documentation. There are many regional wedding magazines like Southern Weddings Magazine that look for great photographs and stories about all types of weddings. In addition, sometimes the designer of a wedding dress may be interested in hiring a wedding photojournalist to do a story on his work for a publication. Photographers looking to work in this area should read lots of wedding magazines for opportunities to publish their wedding photographs in new ways.

Runway Photojournalism

Photojournalists, who work in runway photojournalism, cover fashion shows for newspapers and magazines. The task for the photojournalist in this type of setting is to capture the story that the fashion designer is trying to tell. Photos of the models walking the catwalk are of course important, but backstage shots that capture the feel of the entire show are also important. Depending on the focus of the article, photographs of the designer and interviews detailing his or her work would also be appropriate. If you're just starting out, you likely won't be covering fashion shows in New York or Milan, but you could possibly find work at local art colleges or smaller designers. As you build your portfolio, new jobs will open up for you.

Hair Photojournalism

Much like runway photojournalism, there is a market for hair specific fashion. Shows like the Hair and Fashion Show in Charlotte celebrate new trends in hair and fashion. Photojournalists could cover these events, taking photos and putting together stories for local media organizations.

Hit the Pavement

Most fashion photojournalism careers start out as freelance jobs, and as with all types of freelance photography, the onus is on the photographer to dig up the story and find somewhere to sell it. Initially, this can be very daunting. However, some simple advice should help you get the ball rolling. Start small, and if possible, start working with people you know. Find a local salon that wants to do a hair show and cover the event. Get some great photographs together and pitch it to neighborhood magazines and newspapers around town. Once you get your work published you will have a better chance of getting future work published. It all comes down to paying your dues, so get ready to work hard and remember to stay patient.

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Fashion Photojournalism Careers