Family Portraits Gallery

Family Portraits Gallery Ideas

A family portraits gallery can be a good source of inspiration for photographers in search of ideas for how to snap flattering family pictures. It requires a great deal of skill to take a family portrait that accurately portrays each person's unique personality.

Choosing Clothing

Clothing for a family portrait doesn't need to match exactly, but each person's outfit should coordinate. Solid colors or subtle prints are generally the most flattering. In addition, long sleeves are preferable in most circumstances, since you want the focus to be on the subject's face.

Including Everyone

Many women feel self conscious about their pregnant bellies, but a family portrait that includes an expectant mother can be wonderful keepsake. If she's not comfortable baring all for the camera, she can simply choose to wear a shirt that is slightly formfitting.

Interesting Poses

Placing people at staggered heights can lend a more informal look to a family portrait.

Back to Back

Back-to-back poses won't work for large groups, but they are definitely an option to consider for a smaller family.

Take it Outside

When browsing through a family portraits gallery, you'll notice that outdoor backdrops make lovely settings for group shots. Look for great scenery at a local park or along a pretty hiking trail. Another good idea is to ask the family if they have a special spot in mind for the picture.

Black and White Elegance

Taking some portraits in black-and-white can provide an elegant and artistic look for a family photo session. For tips on working with black-and- white photography, please review the LoveToKnow slideshow How to Take Good Black and White Pictures.

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Family Portraits Gallery