Article Highlight: Career as a War Photojournalist

In your lifetime, you've likely seen an emotional picture depicting the horrors and devastation of war. You've witnessed the plight of the soldiers and studied the path of the refugees through the lens of a war… Keep reading »

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Photojournalism is a popular and exciting profession, which allows avid shutterbugs to work from almost anywhere in the world. Here at Love to Know Photography, we aim to give you a better picture of what this fantastic field is all about.

About Photojournalism

Whether you shoot with a traditional still camera or a modern video camera, photojournalism gives you the chance to tell a visual story with your images. How do you become a photojournalist and why is photojournalism important? LTK Photography has the answers! We are your one-stop photojournalism source with articles on:

The Power of Photojournalism

Photojournalism uses pictures to tell a newsworthy story. Some of the most famous photojournalists work for major publications, such as National Geographic. However, an amateur photographer could have a picture he took viewed by millions of people if he happens to be at the right place at the right time. This is because photojournalism thrives on timeliness and objectivity. A photo must speak to a current event or subject and accurately represent the event in both content and tone. Whether you dream of becoming a photojournalist covering wars or you prefer to shoot celebrities, weather or sporting events, there is a way to turn your passion into profit if you have the skills to do so. Take some time to review our photojournalism articles and see if you have what it takes to impact lives with your shots.