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Learn how to take better pictures.

What separates an amateur photographer from a professional is an understanding of the fact that different situations call for different photography tips. The process for shooting a portrait of a fashion model is quite different from capturing images from a football or basketball game. While it may seem like flower photography would be quite simple, even this area of specialization requires a particular approach in order to ensure high-quality images.

Getting Started With Photography

At LoveToKnow Photography, take your photography skills to the next level. Whether you're a scrapbooker interested in taking better images for your family album or a hobbyist who would like to begin selling his or her images, we have the tips, techniques, and tutorials you need to take pictures that will earn rave reviews. The articles will explain photography basic camera settings, describe modeling poses for photographers, and show you how skillful use of photography props can add vibrancy to your images. Get tips for beginners and find out how to start with your digital SLR camera.

Finding Your Niche

No matter what type of photograph you are looking to take, LoveToKnow is ready and waiting for you. Not only will you find out tips for taking beautiful pregnancy photos, but you'll also learn how to get the best aerial shots. Learn other tips for your photographs suc as getting tips for photographing kids. Learn about the different settings for your camera along with what to include with your subjects and how to play with perspective. Additional tips you can find include:

  • Photojournalism Tips: Explore how to choose and research your subject. Not only that but you need to know what photojournalism is to be one.
  • Flash Photography Tips: Find out about the different equipment that can help to step up your flash photography game. Other tips for how to position yourself or the camera for the perfect shot are as important.
  • Food Photography Tips: Foodies this is your time to shine. Learn to take your food photos from okay to awesome.
  • Wedding Photography Tips: Weddings are stressful, not only for the bride and groom, but for the photographer. Find out how to make your shoot perfect through LoveToKnow's tips.

The Importance of Good Images

Obviously, the use of digital image editing software can help you enhance your photographs. However, the importance of good composition and technical clarity should not be minimized. Photoshop and other programs will not make a poor photograph into an artistic masterpiece. A skillful photographer must be committed to his or her craft, not simply a whiz with the computer.

Photography Tips