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Taking pictures

Although the act of taking a picture seems simple, photography is an art form in itself. Just as a painter uses brushes and canvas to convey his or her message, a photographer must artfully compose an image in order to evoke a particular feeling in the viewer. Being a successful photographer requires technical skills, creative vision, and a commitment to the craft. It's not something one can simply learn overnight or fake through the expert use of Photoshop and other digital image editing software.

Learn About Photography

Learning about photography requires developing an appreciation of varying photography styles, such as Gothic photography, naturalist photography, and female body photography. At LoveToKnow Photography, we're here to explain the key components of fine art photography while offering tips to improve your own photo projects. If you study the work of famous photographers you admire and practice taking pictures on a regular basis, you'll find yourself developing stronger photography skills in no time at all!

Copyright Laws

Since photography is a form of creative expression, respect for the intellectual property of others is key. Photographers make a living selling the rights to use their images, so unauthorized use of a photo is essentially the same as stealing merchandise from a retail store. If you're designing a newsletter or a Web site on a very tight budget, you may find yourself in search of public domain pictures or free downloadable pictures to use to add pizazz to your projects. LoveToKnow Photography is here to help you find the images you need while making sure you know how to respect all applicable copyright laws.

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