Candid Beach Cameras

Capturing candid shots is a snap at the beach!

Playing with candid beach cameras can yield very intriguing results, but it also provides valuable lessons on snapping keepers while enjoying the sun, sand and surf.

What Are Candid Beach Cameras?

Candid beach camera is a type of stealth photography that yields voyeuristic images, which are posted on the Internet, for the world to view. The laws on snapping these types of shots vary from state to state. Regardless, it is done with increasing regularity and often without the photo subject's knowledge.

Most candid beach photos feature nudity and are snapped by amateur photographers, who comb area beaches with discreet digital cameras. Often these photographers keep their cameras at waist-level and try to capture females in various states of undress. In Europe, where topless beaches are the norm rather than the exception, taking candid beach shots is a routine practice.

Capturing Clean Candid Beach Photos

Not all candid beach photos require baring it all. Snap-happy parents from coast-to-coast often tote their cameras to the beach to photograph their family frolicking in the sand and surf. Unfortunately, for many amateur photographers, their beach snapshots feature squinting subjects, blurry backgrounds and washed out waves.

To capture frame worthy beach shots consider the following tips:


Taking a static shot of the sea makes for a dull picture. Liven up your shot by including surrounding objects such as rocks, cliffs or a lighthouse. Also, don't be afraid to experiment with different angles. Nicely angled waves hitting jagged rocks add drama to a photo and help illicit emotion from the person looking at it.

Points of Interest

It is not necessary to include your kids in every single beach shot. Find other points of interest on the beach and snap those too. This will enable you to tell a story with your pictures once you return home. Extra effort to find interesting subjects often pays off in the form of better photographs, scrapbooks, and other photo projects.

Action Shots

Just because your beach companion wants to sit and tan all day doesn't mean you can't take home great action shots. Take a stroll on the sand and snap shots of people playing volleyball or Frisbee. Drop to your knees to get interesting angles of folks playing in the waves or making sand sculptures. By doing so, you're guaranteed to capture candid shots that tell a thought-provoking story.


There are pros and cons to shooting at the beach, and both involve shooting in direct sunlight. The sun is the best light source for a photographer. However, it can also create harsh shadows during the mid-day hours. To avoid taking photos with too much glare, shoot from different angles. This will eliminate pictures featuring squinting faces and washed out backgrounds. You can also mix flashlight with sunlight to tackle this problem.

Another option is to invest in filters. A decent UV filter can assist you during your beach photo sessions by preventing ultraviolet light from coming though the lens as well as acting as a shield. If you can't afford a UV filter, opt for a polarizer. It eliminates the reflection of light on tiny water droplets and dust in the atmosphere and gives you the image of more saturated and slightly darker skies. A polarizer also helps capture stunning images of the ocean or lake by adding more depth to the color of water. In addition, polarizers enhance the transparency of water, so on a clear day you can snap frame worthy shots of crystal clear seas.

Waterproof Cameras

If you want to take your beach shots to a new level, consider purchasing a waterproof camera. Olympus is the leader in waterproof cameras and offers a complete line of photo equipment that withstands crashing waves, sandstorms and slimy sunscreen. If you don't have room in your budget to purchase a waterproof camera, consider investing in waterproof camera casings. These durable, water-resistant housing units fit around your camera and allow you to take incredible underwater shots.

Beach Keepers

The beach is a photographer's paradise. It is teeming with fabulous subjects and backdrops. Look for simple compositions that speak volumes on their own, such as your son watching the sunset, the wind blowing your daughter's hair, or your best friend sitting in the sun with water dripping from his chin. In addition, ordinary shots of sand castles, seashells and shorelines can become extraordinary if you take the time to experiment with different angles. The key to capturing memorable beach shots is to focus on subjects that reflect the essence of life.

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