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Camera Review Sites

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Camera review sites can help you wade through the vast amount of information available on today's digital and film cameras. Whether you are looking for the latest professional models or a point-and-shoot camera, reading reviews by others can help you narrow down your choices.

Popular Camera Review Sites

Professional and amateur reviewers examine all brands of cameras. Some focus on digital models, while others include traditional film cameras as well. Some of the most popular camera review websites include:

  • Digital Photography Review: DPReview is one of the most comprehensive review sites for digital photographers on the Internet. It is not affiliated with one specific brand or organization. This site has a dedicated reviews panel performing in-depth tests, comparisons and reviews of all aspects of a camera. An enormous database keeps the performance data along with specifications on everything from sensor size to total body weight. The camera side-by-side comparison feature is incredibly useful, since it allows you to select several models of cameras and do a direct, side-by-side comparison of the camera's features. After reading the reviews, you can help yourself to a multitude of in-depth articles on the cameras or look for real life reviews by camera users in the forums.
  • Ken Rockwell: Ken Rockwell is a staple of the Nikon community for both his tutorials and his reviews. His website,, features personal, easy to read reviews of camera equipment from many brands, including Canon, Nikon and Olympus. One of the best features of Rockwell's site that he creates reviews for older equipment like film-based cameras and lenses for those who are interested in chemical process imaging. His reviews are straightforward and give a good idea of what to expect from a certain brand or model. This is a very easy to read review site, which gives a matter-of-fact opinions on the camera models being reviewed along with the flavor of real experience.
  • CNet Digital Camera Reviews: CNet reviews digital cameras based on price, functions and the manufacturer. These are technical reviews which offer the price point and specifications of each model along with a short consumer rating or personal opinion on the model. It does not include in-depth user testing along with the review. The site allows you to navigate reviews based on price, brand, model or specific feature. This last function is fantastic if you are looking for a camera with a specific function, such as an image stabilizer or a specific zoom range.
  • Steve's Digicams: As far as camera review sites go, Steve's Digicams is among the leaders for the sheer volume of information that it presents. Reviews are organized by brand and include both single lens reflex and point-and-shoot camera models. The site also includes both large and small brands. The reviews are organized by brand, and it is possible to find and purchase the camera through the review site. The reviews include specifications, pictures of the equipment, features and controls.
  • Photography Review: Photography review bills itself as one of the "oldest and richest" camera sites on the web. This site reviews both old and new cameras and includes both film and digital equipment. Reviews are organized by brand and model, with many categories for equipment types within each brand. An average score is tallied at the end of each set of specifications. This is particularly useful for those who are looking for some real world experiences with the equipment. Like Steve's Digicams, this review site also contains links to retail sites where the equipment can be purchased.

Choosing The Right Review

Camera review sites come in many forms, some with more opinions than others. It's a good idea to read more than one review on your chosen model to get a feel for how a particular model works. Doing so will help you to find the most useful feedback.

Camera Review Sites