The Best of High Fashion Photography

The Best Fashion Photography

The best of high fashion photography includes photographs that are cutting edge. Expect to find unusual makeup applications, dress styles and locations for the photos to be taken in. Being a successful high fashion photographer requires innovation, a definite sense of style and the ability to work with people from all walks of life.

A high fashion photographer must be able to get a large and varied group of people to work together for successful photo shoots. These photographers will have to work with models, agents, and fashion designers. In many cases, they will also have to work with the parents of the models.

Male Haute Couture

Many photographers break into the high fashion photography business by doing portfolio shoots. Agents use these photographs to market their model clients.

A Commercial Look

Agencies that like the way a photographer shoots photos will often become repeat customers. Knowing what the client wants, such as a Chanel look, is a big part of the job.

Play Up a Model's Attributes

Model brokers often choose models based on certain attributes. This photo plays up the Japanese heritage of the model.

An Editorial Look

High fashion photographers will take photos of models in a variety of looks, which helps to show their versatility. These photos will help agencies to pair the model with the right photo campaigns.

An Artsy Look

Doing photo shoots using unusual makeup artistry is one of the hallmarks of the high fashion industry. Photographers will partner with makeup artists to create the right look for an ad campaign.

Creativity Counts

The ability to use a model, lighting and color in interesting ways is essential in high fashion photography.

The Sky is the Limit

Photographing models may take a fashion photographer to new heights. In this case, it may include the rooftop of a New York City building!

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The Best of High Fashion Photography