How to Take Sexy Pictures

Sexy photos require certain skills.
Professional Photographer

Learning how to take sexy pictures is one of the more challenging assignments for a photographer. How sexy a picture looks depends on how well you can convey your instructions to the model and how comfortable the model feels about herself. There are four main types of sexy photos which include glamour shots, boudoir pictures, suggestive shots and fully nude photos. The wardrobe (or lack thereof), poses, lighting and the overall mood of the photo will determine which category it falls into.

Tips for Taking Sexy Photographs

The following tips will help you get in the mood for a sexy shoot:

  • Atmosphere: Consider using music that the model likes and fits the occasion.
  • Props: The props you use help enhance the mood of the shoot. For example, if it is supposed to be a romantic setting, use antique-looking furniture.
  • Clothing: Use clothing that fits the model. This is especially important for boudoir models with no previous modeling experience. Uncomfortable subjects may find it hard to be sexy models.
  • Makeup and hair: Use a professional makeup artist and hair stylist for the shoot whenever possible. These two elements are very important to get the right look for the photos, even for pictures that are supposed to look very natural.
  • Temperature: Keep the temperature of the studio comfortable for the model who many not be wearing a lot of clothing.
  • Cover-up: Offer a cover-up in between shots.
  • Water: Offer water to the model, as it gets hot under the lights.

Boudoir Photography

A boudoir photographer takes photos of women which will be shared in private and not placed in the family photo album. These photos feature models wearing sexy clothing, accessories, and make-up appropriate for the shoot. The tricky part of this type of photo shoot is to make the model feel comfortable wearing very little clothing. Most subjects that request boudoir photos are not professional models and may not be comfortable in front of the camera .

The right combination of encouragement and atmosphere can make this photo shoot successful. Critical remarks, even if they are about the props, should be eliminated in order to encourage the model to be her sexiest. Talk to her about who the photos are for, both before and during the shoot, to help keep her focused on her poses.

Some examples of boudoir photography include:

  • The Pouting Room: These galleries show both color and black and white examples of boudoir photography.
  • Leading Lady Photo: This portfolio offers a variety of clothing and lingerie styles for inspiration.
  • Boudoir Photography Seattle: Scroll through these photos to find many different poses that can be used in boudoir pictures.

Glamour Photography

Glamour photography features everyday women in a glamorous light. Generally speaking, the subjects in these photos have hair and makeup professionally done and wear evening gowns or other sophisticated outfits. To set up a glamour shot, find the subject's best side and angle, and position her to enhance her natural beauty. These shots don't necessarily have to be erotic, but the models often look sexy and elegant. The pictures are more about making the model look beautiful than suggestive. The model's natural allure will be the focus, rather than a forced pose or deliberate nod at sexiness. The photos are retouched to remove skin flaws and to give them a polished and professional look.

Some examples of glamour photography include:

  • Glamour Shots: Perhaps the most well-known company for this type of photo, Glamour Shots specializes in taking everyday men and women and making them look glamorous.
  • Le Boudoir Studio: There are many examples of glamour photography here, including sexy outdoor photos.
  • Glamour Photos: Shows examples of classy, yet sexy glamour photos.

Nude Photography

Professional photographers put nude photography in two categories. One is artistic, the other is pornographic. There may be a fine line between the two within the artistic camp. Regardless, nude models are aware that the photos are meant to be sexy, and getting them to pose seductively isn't usually as difficult as it is for boudoir photographers. These models are aware that the photo shoot is all about how the body looks and they wouldn't be nude if they didn't feel comfortable with their bodies.

Knowing how to take sexy pictures of nude models may be easier if you discusses the goals of the photo shoot with your model beforehand. This helps to eliminate any surprises and reluctance on the part of the model. Individuals new to nude modeling may need extra encouragement and assurance throughout the shoot in order to get the sexiest poses from them.

Some examples of artistic nude photo shoots include:

  • Silverbeauty: These examples of artistic nude photography by Silvermoon consist of themed collections in black and white.
  • Robert Greer Fine Art: Robert Greer shows some examples of classy nude photos in his image gallery.

Suggestive Photos

Sexy photos may be simply suggestive ones, with models fully or partially clad. A good example of how to take sexy pictures is to review the 1981 Calvin Klein jeans ad campaign featuring Brooke Shields. Even though she was fully clothed, the ad was considered very sexy.

For more sexually suggestive photo examples, take some inspiration from these collections:

  • Lisa Boyle Photography: Click on the thumbnails to see larger images that are clearly suggestive.
  • Trend Hunter: Photographer Kesler Tran displays a gallery of photos that incorporate a variety of angles and poses.

Planning for the First Shoot

As a photographer, the most important thing to remember about sexy photo shoots is to be comfortable and confident. The more reassuring you are, the easier it will be for your model to be comfortable and sexy. Spend a little time with the model before the shoot to ensure that you both agree on what you're looking for. The results will be well worth it!

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